Home Care Concierge

Let An Angel Be your Wings!!

With Home Care or your Personal Concierge!!

At ArchAngel Home Care & Concierge, we are passionate about keeping our Seniors connected to the world and the people they love. Would you appreciate regular visits from a friendly face? We are there. Want to go out? Want to learn how to use FaceTime, Facebook, or Netflix? We can help.


We are well-educated, compassionate, and trained to insure our clients live life to the fullest. We are dedicated to serve as liaisons between our clients, their healthcare providers, insurers, and families. We can accompany clients to doctor appointments and, as needs change, offer a full range of non-medical services for seniors in transition. With ArchAngel's Home Care & Concierge "ADVOCATE ANGEL" can help plan the best course of action, from finding the right medical provider, to determining the most suitable care at home or in a facility for your loved one...and everything in between.


We work to make any transition as comfortable and easy as possible for our clients, and keep families updated at all times on the status and well-being of their loved ones.


 Here are just a few things we offer:


  • Medical & physical therapy appointments
  • Assistance with insurance, claims, etc.
  • Transitional services (e.g., oversee and assist in transition from home to facility or hospital to home)
  • Observation & reporting
  • Medication reminders
  • Prepare and plan for Hurricanes
  • Make necessary changes to make the home safe